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Terms & Conditions

Find out about my Terms & Conditions before booking a treatment.

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Terms & Conditions


Before you attend your first appointment, you will need to have completed a consultation form. You can now do this here.

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Please make sure you are familiar with these terms and conditions. You will need to have signed and agreed to these before I can carry out any treatments.


To book an appointment, you must have completed a consultation form and a patch test, where necessary.

A patch test cannot guarantee a reaction, as a full set of lashes, gives much more exposure than just a small amount of adhesive placed.

Please attend the appointment on your own, as I can not accommodate Children, Partners and Friends.

Please be prepared to be laying down for at least 2.5 hours (for classic lashes) and up to 3-4 hours (for Russian and Mega Volume lashes) for your first full sets.

I do have an extremely comfortable bed, but if you suffer with pain or a bad back, please take your pain relief before starting your appointment.

You're welcome to bring a water bottle if it will help.


Infills are done every 2-3 weeks and you should have 40% or more of your lashes left. Appointments booked after 3 weeks are charged at full price.

I don't infill other lash tech's work, as we all work differently and use different products, so a new set would be required. This is to ensure and maintain my high standards of work.

Lash Extensions can last anything up to 4-6 weeks, this cannot be guaranteed as everyone's lash cycle is different and your lashes will grow out at different times. This is why infills are recommended regularly.

Aftercare & Lash Shed

Aftercare should be followed and maintained regularly, to ensure good lash health and cleanliness.

You are given and aftercare pack with your first set of lashes. If you require any of the items or products afterwards, I sell them separately or as a pack for £8.00

Lash Shed happens mostly in the Spring and Autumn months.

You will find that you will lose more lashes than normal, so you may need more regular than normal infills if you wish.

Cancellations, Payment & Refunds

As from the 1st April 2022, a non refundable booking fee of *£25.00 is now taken for every appointment over *£40.00 booked. The *£25.00 will be taken off on the day of your appointment

A 48 hour cancellation notice is required as I can then endeavour tp fill the appointment. After that the *£25.00 booking fee is then non refundable.

This also applies to getting COVID or any other illness.

I do not offer refunds as you are paying for my time, my products and any other expenses involved in providing you with a service.

However, client satisfaction is my priority and I will do all I can to resolve the issue.

If you are unhappy with your service, then please contact me within 48 hours of your appointment, to discuss your concerns.

***For Aesthetics the non refundable booking fee is higher depending on the treatment, and for treatments less than £40.00, a smaller non refundable booking fee is taken.